Soft-texture Reinforced Material
  Double Wall Fabric
  Tent Material
  Architectural Membrane
  Waterproof Membrane
  TPU Material
  Airtight Material
  Cover Tarpaulin
  Global Elastic Floor
  Double Membrane-gas
     Storage Material
  The red Mud Biogas
  Curtain Material
  Advertising Printing
  Inflatable Material
  Wader Material
  Sports Material
  Red-mud Soft Biogas Tank
Outdoor Leisure
  Large Scale Inflatable Toy
  Water Sports Products
  Waterproof and Protective
Membrane structure, which can realize the perfect combination of architectural design and Large space structure, take on its shape free and lightness, easy fabrication and install, safely using, with excellent easy cleaning and stain resistance、weather resistance and UV Resistance、The minimization of plasticizer migration and anti-mildew and anti-bacteria as well as high physical and mechanical property. To ensure higher safety for architectures, special formula are added to achieve high fire retardant, thus to make our membranes meet B1、B2、NFPA701 for different markets. This kind of material can be widely used in following site:
  • Tensioned membrane structure:Large-scale stadium, park landscape, Car park ,toll station, etc.
  • Single layer or Double layers gas-bearing type membrane structure:Industrial Mine Storage, Plant Garden, Badminton Hall, Tennis Hall, Hockey Hall, Biogas Tank Covers, Gas Tank, etc.
  • Shadings Architecture : Stadium, Shopping Malls, Entertainment Center, Exhibition Centers, etc..
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