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China Longevity Group is a recognised industry leader in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”) for providing reinforced New Materials for a wide spectrum of industries, such as modern transportation, construction, renewable energy, agriculture, healthcare, sports, outdoor leisure and daily supplies. The management team of the Group has substantial experience in proprietary technology, product innovation and marketing and insists on market-focused strategy and joint development, manufacturing, sales of new products with research and development team and academic institutions. Various new products and production techniques of the Group possess independent intellectual property rights and national patents on technology.

Our Reinforced Materials (the “Reinforced Materials”) production is located in Fuzhou and Shanghai, utilises self-developed facilities and techniques, which has acquired national patents on innovation, to produce New Materials like Dropstitch fabric Architectural membrane, Waterproofing membrane, Tent fabric, TPU materials, Airtight materials, inflatable materials, biogas tank materials, tarpaulin materials, waders and protective garment materials, etc. These materials exhibit nine characteristics, including high tensile strength, anti-tearing, anti-stripping, flame retardancy, anti-bacteria, anti-corrosive, durable, low temperature resistance and sunlight resistance. Meanwhile, the Group has also expanded into downstream End Products business, with factories located in Xiamen, and Wuhan, which develops and manufactures clean energy products such as biogas tank; and outdoor leisure sports consumer products such as wader and protective clothing, inflatable boats, and large inflatable toys.

According to the applications of this reinforced material and the final product, our products can be used in 15 main industries like outdoor leisure, sports, renewable energy, protective, construction, transportation, package, medical, safety, advertisement as well as daily supplies.


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