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2002 Founding of Fujian Sijia New Material Co.,Ltd
2003 Built up world-class industrial plant with two world-class calendaring lines and commenced operation successfully
2004 Brought in two world-class coating lines, and set up R&D center, passed the international standard of European EN-471.
2005 Developed camouflage wader material which was accredited national technical patent
2006 Developed air-tightness material, inflatable material and wader material;

Awarded New High Technology Enterprise and Technologically Advanced Foreign-invested Enterprise;

Set up Xiamen Grandsoo Industry & Trade Corporation Limited for End Products' development and production.
2007 Developed red mud biogas tank material, sports hall flooring materials and snowshoes materials;

Awarded 2005-2006 Trustworthy Enterprise;

Our soft-texture Reinforced Material was awarded the first prize of Western Strait Achievements Show of Employees' Innovation.
2008 Awarded the Top Ten Enterprises in the main industrie of Fujian Industry and Fujian Famous Brand Product;

Our soft-texture Reinforced Material was identified as domestic top quality level;set up offices in Guangzhou,zhengzhou,Weihai etc..
2009 Awarded Fujian Famous Brand Product, Fujian Independent Innovative Products and Fujian Famous Trademark.
2010 Listed on the Main Board of the HKEx on 29th April 2010 and started to set up five production plants; was awarded the title of Fujian Provincial Enterprise of Outstanding Contribution to Economy and Society, China Torch Program, developed some more new material like TPU and waterproof membrane; the second phase program of Sijia was listed as a very important project in Fuzhou city.
2011 The plant in Hubei and Shanghai was built, more than 10 production lines were brought into Fuzhou factory and put into production. Undertook the establishment of CAAPA-Inflatables division, the workshop for international standard of Inflated amusement safety & standard of inflatable industry, the establishment of China Soft Biogas Tank professional team; the develop of high flexibility multi-functional membrane structure material and the projects of red-mud software biogas material as well as its final products for Economic and Trade Commission of Fujian Province.
2012 Shanghai Sijia brought in the advanced wide width coating line from Italy and put into production, Fuzhou factory also set up several calender and lamination equipment; undertook the develop of high flexibility multi-functional membrane structure material; The project was accepted as China Torch Program,”6.18” excellent project in Fujian province, awarded the 1st price of technical improvement in Fuzhou city, Special award for Fuzhou Excellent New Product in 2012; The patterns won the 1st price in Fujian Province; Was identified as an important high-tech enterprise for China Torch Program; Was evaluated as a harmonious enterprise in Fuzhou, strategic new industry key and major enterprise in Fujian province, Fujian quality and Trustworthy Enterprise, Fuzhou expert workstation, Fujian Provincial enterprise technology center, the sociaty was evaluated as provincial model worker; CEO Mr. Hongwang Zhang won the title of “top 10 inventor in Fuzhou city”.
2013 National Trustworthy Enterprise, Provincial Innovative Enterprise, undertook the Intellectual property project of the enterprise application for Ministry of Industry and Information,1st price of Fujian Provincial Excellent New Product; Vice President & Chief Engineer Mr. Huang Wanneng won the title of ‘Model Worker’ as well as the title of “top 10 inventor in Fuzhou city”.
2014 Fujian Provincial Trustworthy Enterprise, applied 2 national pattern of innovation, the brand was evaluated as China Famous Brand; Shanghai Sijia and Fujian Sijia passed the evaluation of High-Tech enterprise, the project of 6.18 in Fujian province was accepted, high flexibility multi-functional polyester/pvc membrane structure material was identified as met international advanced level; Mr. Jiang Shisheng, the chief engineer of R&D center won the title of “top 10 inventor in Fuzhou city”.
2015 The brand was selected as Provincial key and major worldwide famous brand with priority during 2014-2016;Won the 1st price of science and technology progress in Fuzhou,3rd Provincial technology award,2014 Fujian Famous Brand; applied 2 pattern of innovation; Mr. Deng Zhongwen, engineer of R&D center won the title of “Model Worker” in Fuzhou city.



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